Facebook tools for professionals

Soft for Facebook?

Yes, we need it!

We're all using Facebook, some of us for selling goods, some for advertising, for working with clients, some of us have own Facebook groups and pages, some work with these groups and some search for clients. Each of us has our own interests in this social network.

How many times have you repeated the same action over and over again? Again and again, frantically clicking on the mouse or madly pushing the keyboard... Yea, Facebook does not have instruments for automation. And if you need something different than just a clicker? In fact, we're all need more from FB.

That's why we're developing different types of bots.
Don't waste your time for those things that you can automate!

We're selling bots for Facebook

If you're interesting, feel free to

and request trial bot


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Who use soft for Facebook?

Peoples who works with Facebook social network:

  • marketers;
  • managers;
  • sellers;
  • developers;
  • pages owners and admins;
  • groups owners and administrators;
  • SMM managers;
  • and many others...

..."soft for FB"? What does this mean?

We offer a set of programs(bots), each of these bots has own unique functionality for automation of Facebook actions.

Our software for Facebook works under Windows OS.